tel aviv, Israel



2018 graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem in the field of jewelry and accessories.

For me, contemporary jewelry art presents unlimited room for creating in diverse and multidisciplinary directions. Some are more artistic and others put the emphasis on design, and of course many creators combine the two. Today, jewelry artists can be found who work with absolutely any material and technique, and there are simply no clear boundaries to the possibilities of form and design. In this sense creating jewelry is similar to sculpting – the only difference being that the closeness to the body endows these objects with additional connotations: we carry and treasure from up-close art that could just as easily have been displayed in a museum. As an artist I constantly ask myself where I stand in the hierarchy of the creative arts and what meaning my art, in contrast to that of somebody else, has. My creation has always sprung from a very strong desire to bring an inner secret out into the world and to make a space where reality and fantasy meet. This extraordinary discipline affords a myriad of approaches and interpretations – from sheer escapism to the realization of existence at its most beautiful.